new materials
for an eco-friendly

In modern society, the problem of plastic waste is one of the greatest environmental challenges we must face. Plastics are versatile, but their production and disposal have a significant impact on the health of our planet.

For this reason, at IPAE-PROGARDEN Spa, we have decided to adopt a philosophy of sustainable production, based on the use of recycled and recyclable materials. In particular, we are committed to recycling both post-consumer materials and industrial plastic waste, giving them a new life. We have thus developed a new eco-friendly material, reintegrating all the material into the production cycle, thus avoiding it ending up in landfills.
At IPAE-PROGARDEN Spa, we have always been committed to implementing all the good production practices that allow us to minimize our environmental impact. Attention to the environment and sustainability are founding values of our production model.

to the health
of the planet

Thanks to our commitment to the environment, our eco-friendly products have become increasingly popular among consumers who are mindful of the environmental impact of their purchases. Products made from recycled materials are easily recognizable by the characteristic anthracite color, which derives from the processing and mixing of recovery materials used.


Our company is proud to be a business committed to environmental protection, and we are convinced that our commitment can make a difference in the fight against the environmental crisis we are facing. We will continue to work to improve our production chain and develop new sustainable solutions, in order to protect our planet for future generations.

and certified

Our selection and enhancement process of recovery materials is extremely careful and meticulous, to ensure the highest quality of the final product. We use polypropylene, a material that meets high European quality standards. Thanks to this material, our products are solid, weather-resistant, and completely recyclable.


But our care for quality does not stop there. Before commercializing, we carry out a series of tests with an electromechanical instrument that complies with the EN 10002-61010-50081-50082 ISO 7500-1 ASTM E4 regulations. These tests allow us to verify the resistance and quality of our products, to ensure that they are perfect for the production of high-quality products.


tested, tried and retested

We do not only analyze the raw material: the production cycle is also subjected to rigorous checks to ensure that all our products are made according to high-quality standards. Each product line is continuously tested for mechanical resistance, in compliance with EN 581/1/2/3, EN 1022 regulations.


We are proud to provide products that meet the highest quality standards, thanks to our attention to detail and care for quality at every stage of the production process. And our dedication to quality does not stop there: we will continue to seek new ways to further improve our products and our production cycle.

IPAE-PROGARDEN Spa is associated with the German consortium
for the disposal of packaging and packaging, Der Grüne Punkt.

smart packaging
to reduce waste

In order to reduce pollutant emissions, we are committed to optimizing transport volumes through the use of packaging and storage solutions that allow us to make the most of every inch of available space. For example, thanks to our stackable chairs, we can concentrate many elements in a minimal space during shipments and also at your home. This allows us to reduce transport costs and CO2 emissions, thus contributing to environmental protection.


And to further improve, we have introduced new models of easy-to-assemble chairs with an attractive design, packaged in small boxes that allow us to save space with increasingly efficient packaging. This allows us to further optimize transport and reduce CO2 emissions.


Our focus on sustainability therefore extends to all phases of the process, including transport and packaging. We are committed to constantly finding new innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our products and production processes, because environmental protection is a priority for us.